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Mesotherapy, a method first invented in 1948 by Frenchman Michael Pistor, derives its name from mesoderm. Mesoderm is a layer of the human skin, which is comprised mainly of fat cells. The layer sits right beneath the surface of the skin. Mesotherapy is actually a non-invasive method, in which microinjections are administered right below the epidermis. The idea behind the therapy is that it will stimulate the mesoderm, which in turn will help alleviate a range of medical conditions.

What can Mesotherapy be used for?

Mesotherapy was originally designed to handle and reduce excess weight, but today it is being used extensively to battle hair loss. Tests and studies have shown that not only can it delay pattern baldness, but also help with the regrowth of hair.

How it works 

Active Ingredients Acetyl tetrapeptide-3 & Biochanin A
Acetyl tetrapeptide-3: alternative to Minoxidil

Reduces the inflammation process stops hair loss and stimulates the hair growth (comparative study to minoxidil) modulates DHT, stimulates the extra cellular matrix and anchoring proteins. Acetyl tetrapeptide-3 stimulates tissue remodeling and has a direct effect on the hair follicle. The remodeling signal will increase the size of hair follicle for better hair anchoring and vitality.